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    Enrico Isamu Oyama creates visual art in various mediums that features his “Quick Turn Structure” motif, composed of spontaneous repetition and expansion of free-flowing lines influenced by aerosol writing of 1970s-80s New York and beyond.
    Born in Tokyo in 1983 to an Italian father of Bavarian descent and a Japanese mother, Oyama earned his bachelor’s degree from Keio University’s department of Environment and Information in 2007, and an MFA in Intermedia Art from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009.
    Oyama relocated to New York for a six-month residency from 2011 to 2012 at the invitation of the Asian Cultural Council. He continues to live and work in the city, where he maintains a studio in Brooklyn.
    Past solo exhibitions include Like A Prime Number held at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (London, 2016); Ubiquitous: Enrico Isamu Oyama at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art (Kansas, 2017); Kairosphere at the Pola Museum of Art (Hakone, 2019); Viral at the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection (Kobuchizawa, 2019); Inside Out at Tower 49 Gallery (New York, 2019-2021); and Noctilucent Cloud at the Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery (Yokohama, 2020-2021).
    He is the author of books including Against Literacy: On Graffiti Culture (LIXIL Publishing, 2015); The Real Faces of Street Art: New York Writing Culture (Seidosha, 2020); The Art in the Streets: From Twombly to Banksy (Kodansha, 2020); and The Semantics of Aerosol: Thoughts and Arts after the Pandemic – A Dialogue with Tetsuo Kogawa (Seidosha, 2020).
    He also edited the June 2017 issue on aerosol writing of art magazine Bijutsu Techo, and has been commissioned to create work for brands such as Comme des Garçons, Shu Uemura, and JINS.
    In 2020, Oyama set up a studio in Tokyo, which continues to serve as a second base for his peripatetic practice spanning contemporary art and street culture between Japan and the United States.